Thursday, March 6, 2008


Two men submit their job applications. One prays to god as he waits, the other waits. They both get accepted. One praises god as he throws his hands up in joy, the other throws his hands up in joy.

Two men are waiting for parole. One prays and worries, the other worries. They both walk free. One thanks god as he leaves, the other leaves.

Two men have a cold. One prays to get better as he drives to work, the other drives to work. They both go home with a cold. One thanks god he got through the day as he goes to sleep, the other goes to sleep.

Two men need money. One prays and asks his parents, the other asks his parents. Both their parents love them and give them money. One thanks god as he says thank you, the other says thank you.

Does prayer even matter?

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Robert said...

Hi Elizabeth

I have gone back to read many of your posts before commenting. You have quite a story. I really like how you cut to the chase in the way you share about your *inner world* and the experiences you have had and how you see them interacting. I relate to so many feelings/thoughts/relational areas you speak of. I tend to get caught in a maze within my own mind at times and feel like a long hose that gets all tangled and twisted and hard to find just how to get it straightened out again.

You raise a great discussion point on your analogy of does prayer even matter. I think one way in why it matters is that it is communicating with God. All the hows, whys, and wondering of just how that all plays out, well there is a nine waiting to be explored. I really like your writing elizabeth and your freshness in sharing yourself.